Dear Prime Minister,

Māui dolphins are on the brink of extinction. New Zealand and the world need you to take action before it's too late.

Please save these beautiful animals by ending set-netting and trawling in the whole Māui habitat from the Maunganui bluff to Whanganui River mouth, and supporting fishers to change to dolphin-friendly practices. Protecting just part of their habitat is not enough.

Research by Business Economic Research Limited (BERL) shows that changing to dolphin-friendly fishing techniques will only cost around $26-$40 million. That’s a small price to pay to stop a species from being wiped out. It will also protect our international reputation for doing the right thing.

For just 0.03% of the government's annual budget, you can save Māui dolphins from their biggest threat, laying down a legacy that New Zealanders will remember. Less than 1% of the government's projected surplus could save a species.

Thanks for taking the time to consider this crucial issue.
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